Tuesday, January 9, 2024

▶️ City of Heroes Homecoming [1/10/24] » New Contact, Mr. Bocor

▶️ City of Heroes Homecoming [1/10/24] » New Contact, Mr. Bocor

▶️ City of Heroes Homecoming [1/10/24] » New Contact, Mr. Bocor

Hello fellow Rumblers! I'm here playing City of Heroes Homecoming and livestreaming it in Rumble. City of Heroes is set in the fictional Paragon City, located in Rhode Island in the United States. The city is divided into several smaller neighborhoods that have varying enemies and progressively higher levels of enemies within them. (Play City Of Heroes on a new Alienware Aurora R15 Gaming Desktop With Intel 13th Gen »

By the way, at the same time as this livestream, I'm also multistreaming in other video livestreaming platforms like Twitch, DLive, Kick, YouTube and others using's multistreaming service. Sign-up for a free account here »

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Sunday, November 12, 2023

Call of Dragons PC Gameplay » My First Hour Playing The Game

Call of Dragons PC Gameplay » My First Hour Playing The Game

Call of Dragons PC Gameplay » My First Hour Playing The Game

I recently played Call of Dragons on my PC, and it was my first time playing the game. Right from the start, there was the usual tutorial, and a character named Mara was there to guide me through it.

In the early stages, I recruited my first hero and he was an Ice Mage. The first battle was against some Darklings that ended in victory. Following the tutorial, I built a base for Scouts. Scouts are needed to explore the surrounding game world.

A few moments later, I decided to head to the Silverstar Bazaar to buy some Dragonglass. However, it turned out to be a bit of a wild goose chase because none of the traders there had any Dragonglass for sale. It got interesting when I met a trader named Kella, who claimed she had Dragonglass but sadly, it was stolen from her. That added a twist to the story.

In the midst of all this, I got to open a Gold Chest multiple times and struck gold when I got a Legendary Hero. It felt like a major win, especially since it was still early in the game. 

As I progressed, I managed to level up my Settlement to Level 4, and it got upgraded to a Village. Progression was key, and after about 30 minutes of gameplay, I finally gave my account a name – Kabalyero. It gave a personal touch to the whole gaming experience.

Building and upgrading became a routine, and I used Speed Ups to reach Level 5. Joining an alliance named Dkmaster was a significant move, although I must admit, I'm not entirely sure what "Dkmaster" means in the game. It felt like a big decision when I moved my city to where the Dkmaster Alliance was located on the map. It added a strategic element to the gameplay.

The battles were still easy since I was battling Level 2 Darklings. A bit later, I learned about Talents from Mara. 

On the construction front, I added a few more buildings to my city, including the Knight Order, Hospital, and College of Order. Each building served a purpose, and it was satisfying to see my territory grow.

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Friday, November 3, 2023

Fallout 4 Gameplay » Super Mutants Blew Themselves Up

Fallout 4 Gameplay » Super Mutants Blew Themselves Up

Fallout 4 Gameplay » Super Mutants Blew Themselves Up

In my recent Fallout 4 gameplay, I started the game at Sommerville Place. My first task was to clear out Raiders at Hyde Park. On my way there, I encountered a massive Behemoth, but I wisely avoided it to stay out of trouble. Along the way, I also faced some Red Feral Ghouls, making my journey quite weird.

When I reached Hyde Park, I found it heavily guarded by Raiders. The leader of these Raiders was named Scutter. The area was dangerous, with landmines scattered all around, making it crucial for me to tread carefully. Despite the risks, I managed to eliminate all the Raiders and completed the quest successfully.

After dealing with the Raiders at Hyde Park, I returned to Sommerville Place. On my way to another location, I encountered a formidable Rad Scorpion. I decided it was best to run away from the Rad Scorpion instead of engaging in a fight. However, my game froze, forcing me to restart my adventure.

Upon restarting, I faced a group of Super Mutants. These mutants were tough opponents, but my real challenge came when I encountered giant mosquitoes that almost killed me. It was a close call, but I managed to survive the encounter. Later, I stumbled upon a couple of Synths, adding another layer of complexity to my journey.

My next mission was to rescue a kidnapped settler at Greentop Nursery. The settler was being held captive by Raiders at Back Street Apparel. On my way to the rescue mission, I encountered a Gunner and another group of Super Mutants. The Super Mutants cornered me, but fortunately, they all perished when a mini-nuke exploded, saving me from imminent danger.

Finally, I reached Back Street Apparel, where I successfully rescued the kidnapped settler and eliminated all the Raiders. As a result of my efforts, Greentop Nursery joined the Minutemen, marking a significant achievement in my Fallout 4 adventure.

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