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Tower of Kalemonvo Gameplay • A Diablo 1 Style ARPG

Tower of Kalemonvo Gameplay • A Diablo 1 Style ARPG

Just recently, I decided to try out a game called "Tower of Kalemonvo," which is described as a Diablo-like action RPG. I've never played a Diablo game before, except for Diablo Immortal, but that doesn't really count as a proper Diablo experience, right?

As I launched the game, I noticed it had a simple title screen, which made me think of a comment from the developer of Firefall, who doesn't like simple title screens. Anyway, I decided to start the game and read the introduction, but the text was too small for me to read properly.

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Character creation was straightforward, and I ended up as a sword and shield user. Then, it was off to the dungeons. I wished there was an option for WASD controls, especially for older gamers like me.

I explored the tower, destroyed barrels, and fought enemies, but I couldn't figure out how to use my skills. I had to manually click on enemies to attack them.

Despite defeating numerous enemies, I noticed a severe lack of loot. It felt disappointing for a game like this. Even after reaching the second floor, loot remained scarce, and the game sent me back to the beginning upon death, making dying quite punishing.

I encountered various enemies, but none of them seemed to drop any meaningful loot. It left me wondering about the point of playing a Diablo-like game without loot. I collected some items, but I wasn't sure what to do with them, as there was no option to sell them.

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As I continued my exploration, the game's controls began to tire me, especially the point-and-click mechanics. I couldn't help but wish for simpler controls, like WASD movement.

Despite my frustrations, I couldn't help but find satisfaction in defeating enemies and collecting items, even though the loot was lacking. The game seemed to have potential, but the absence of proper loot left me somewhat unsatisfied.

In the end, I felt torn about my experience with "Tower of Kalemonvo." It had elements of a promising action RPG but fell short in delivering the satisfying loot-based gameplay I expected from a Diablo-like game.


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