Thursday, January 18, 2024

▶️ City of Heroes Homecoming [1/11/24] » Beating The Shining Stars

 ▶️ City of Heroes Homecoming [1/11/24] » Beating The Shining Stars

Hello fellow Rumblers! I'm here playing City of Heroes Homecoming and livestreaming it in Rumble. City of Heroes is set in the fictional Paragon City, located in Rhode Island in the United States. The city is divided into several smaller neighborhoods that have varying enemies and progressively higher levels of enemies within them. (Play City Of Heroes on a new Alienware Aurora R15 Gaming Desktop With Intel 13th Gen »

By the way, at the same time as this livestream, I'm also multistreaming in other video livestreaming platforms like Twitch, DLive, Kick, YouTube and others using's multistreaming service. Sign-up for a free account here »

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Thank you for watching!


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